🌟 Exciting News: WordPress Customization New Batch at Dewan ICT Institute! 🌟

Are you ready to elevate your web development skills to new heights? Look no further! Dewan ICT Institute is thrilled to announce its upcoming WordPress Customization New Batch, designed to empower enthusiasts, professionals, and aspiring developers with the art of tailoring WordPress websites to perfection.

🚀 Key Highlights:

Hands-On Learning: Dive into the world of WordPress customization with practical, hands-on sessions led by industry experts. Gain invaluable insights into the latest trends, techniques, and best practices.

🌐 Comprehensive Curriculum: Our carefully crafted curriculum covers a spectrum of topics, from theme customization and plugin development to responsive design and optimization. Get ready to unlock the full potential of WordPress!

💼 Career-Oriented: Whether you’re a freelancer, a business owner, or a budding developer, this batch is crafted to equip you with the skills needed to thrive in the competitive landscape of web development.

👩‍🏫 Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned professionals with extensive experience in WordPress customization. Our instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and guiding you towards mastery.

🎓 Certification: Upon successful completion of the program, receive a certification from Dewan ICT Institute, validating your expertise in WordPress customization—a valuable asset for your professional journey.

👥 Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, build a supportive community, and expand your network within the vibrant tech community.

📝 Registration Process: Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Secure your spot by visiting our website dewanict.com or contacting our admissions team at Dewan ICT Institute – Mukto Bangla Shopping Complex, Mirpur – 1, Lift- 3,4.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to enhance your WordPress customization skills! Join us at Dewan ICT Institute and let’s shape a future filled with innovative, personalized websites. Elevate your web development game—sign up for the WordPress Customization New Batch now! 🌐🚀

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