Sharmin Akter

I want to be a educationalist & skilled manpower through my academy knowledge and excellence where I can utilize my learning, interpersonal skill, analytical ability and adaptability for further development and programming as well as research is my passion.

Mitu Akter


The main goal of my career is to pursue a more challenging job in a dynamic and esteemed organization where I will be able to work in any kind of situation with full effort and freedom to utilize my academic knowledge and skills for developing  future career.

Md. Rocky Mia

To build up a career with an organization where effort, sincerely and creativity are the most valued qualities and exits growth opportunity, positive outlook towards a challenging career.

Sharmin Sultana Sathi

sathi 1

A Highly motivated individual wishing to use the analytical and educational Skills to pursue a long-term career in organization that enables significantly contribute to confidential progress of complete all applications.

Shahanewaz Hossain

To Build a professional career as an expert Digital Marketer by utilize of my hard-work, experience and knowladge in the field of digital marketing and be the part of achieving the organizational goal.

Jony Dewan

jony vai

Secure a responsible career opportunity to fully utilize my training and skills, while making a significant contribution to success of the company.