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Our Success – Dewan ICT Institute’s Decade of Empowering 5 Thousand Students

Welcome to the success story of Dewan ICT Institute, a pioneer in providing industrial attachment training for computer technology, civil technology, and architecture students. Over the past 10 years, we have successfully trained 5 thousand students from various polytechnic institutes, equipping them with practical skills and ensuring job placement after industrial attachments.
Our Success
Our Success
Key Achievements and Approvals: Dewan ICT Institute takes pride in its recognition and approval by esteemed bodies such as the Bangladesh Technical Education Board, BASIS, e-CAB, and the Bangladesh Government. This approval underscores our commitment to providing high-quality education and training. Comprehensive IT and ICT Training: Our institute offers a diverse range of IT and ICT training courses tailored to meet the needs of computer technology, civil technology, and architecture students. From Graphics Design, Web Design, and Software Development to Digital Marketing, SEO, Freelancing, and more, our curriculum is designed to empower students with the skills demanded by the industry. State-of-the-Art Labs and Learning Environment: Our modern labs enhance the learning experience by optimizing workflow speed. Additionally, we provide video tutorials after each class, ensuring students have resources to address challenges at home. Understanding the importance of continued support, we extend assistance even after the completion of the 12-week course. 100% Practical Training for Job Placement: At Dewan ICT Institute, our focus is on providing 100% practical training, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for job placements upon completion of their courses. As the best industrial attachment training center in Dhaka, we are dedicated to nurturing talent and facilitating successful transitions into the workforce. Opportunities for Job Placement: With an increasing demand for skilled professionals, Dewan ICT Institute invites aspiring individuals to join our training programs. Upon successful completion, we guarantee job placements, leveraging our extensive network and industry connections. Contact Us for Industrial Training: If you aspire to kickstart a successful career in IT or ICT, Dewan ICT Institute is your gateway to success. Reach out to us for inquiries about industrial training at our conveniently located facility: Join us in celebrating a decade of success at Dewan ICT Institute, where education meets empowerment, and every student’s journey is a testament to “Our Success” in shaping careers and fostering excellence.   Here are some keywords related to “Our Success”
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