Brief Description Of Dewan ICT Institute in 2024 – Your Premier IT Solutions Partner in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Welcome to Dewan ICT, a leading IT solutions company founded in 2013 by Engr. Md Zulhash, a seasoned Microsoft Certified Professional with over 6 years of industry expertise. Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dewan ICT is dedicated to delivering comprehensive IT services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Our commitment to excellence has established us as a reputable and growing company in the field.
Brief Description Of Dewan ICT Institute
Brief Description Of Dewan ICT Institute

Services Offered by Dewan ICT Institute:

  1. IT Consultancy: Leverage our expertise in assisting businesses with IT-related needs, from software selection to network setup and problem troubleshooting.
  2. Computer Training: Empower your workforce with our diverse range of training courses, available both online and offline. Our courses cover fundamental IT concepts, computer hardware, software, networking, and security.
  3. Website Design and Development: Elevate your online presence with our bespoke website design and development services. We create visually appealing and functional websites that resonate with your target audience.
  4. Digital Marketing: Drive online success with our digital marketing services. Learn effective techniques to promote your business through courses and let us help you implement impactful strategies.
  5. Software Development: Trust Dewan ICT for innovative software solutions that cater to your specific business requirements.
  6. Software Maintenance: Ensure the seamless operation of your software with our maintenance services, covering bug fixes, feature additions, and upgrades.
Why Choose Dewan ICT:
  • Experienced Professionals: Benefit from a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals dedicated to delivering the best possible service.
  • Comprehensive Training: Equip yourself with the skills needed to thrive in the IT industry through our varied training programs.
  • Reputation for Quality: Rely on our strong reputation for providing top-notch IT services that meet the diverse needs of businesses, regardless of size.
Courses Offered by Dewan ICT:
  1. IT Diploma Courses: Covering the fundamentals of IT, including computer hardware, software, networking, and security.
  2. Programming Courses: Learn coding in languages such as Java, Python, and C++.
  3. Web Development Courses: Acquire skills in designing and developing websites.
  4. Digital Marketing Courses: Master digital marketing techniques to effectively promote your business online.
Additional Services:
  • Website Hosting: Host your business website on Dewan ICT’s reliable servers.
If you’re in search of a reputable IT solutions company in Bangladesh, Dewan ICT stands out as the ideal choice. Our wide range of services and dedicated professionals are ready to assist you in achieving your business goals. Explore the possibilities with Dewan ICT – Your Success, Our Priority!

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Conclusion: In 2024, Dewan ICT Institute stands as a beacon of excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of technology education. Founded in 2013 by Engr. Md Zulhash, a Microsoft Certified Professional with over 6 years of industry experience, the institute has thrived in providing cutting-edge IT solutions and comprehensive training programs. As a reputable IT institute based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dewan ICT continues to grow and adapt to the dynamic needs of the IT industry. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, the institute remains committed to delivering the highest quality service to its clients. Through a diverse range of courses, both online and offline, Dewan ICT Institute empowers individuals and businesses with the essential skills needed to succeed in the IT field. From IT consultancy to software development, the institute covers a broad spectrum of services, ensuring its students and clients are well-equipped for success in the digital era. In 2024, Dewan ICT Institute stands as a testament to its commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and the continuous pursuit of innovation in the ever-expanding world of information technology. Whether you’re seeking professional training, IT consultancy, or cutting-edge solutions, Dewan ICT Institute remains a reliable partner on your journey toward technological mastery and success.

Contact Info:

Address:  20-21(4th Floor), 374(3rd Floor), Mukto Bangla Complex (Lift-4), Mirpur-1 , Dhaka -1216, Bangladesh.  Website Facebook Page: Dewan ICT Institute Phone Number: +8801976444300 +8801976444301 +8801976444302 +8801976444303 E-Mail: Here are some keywords for the title “Brief Description Of Dewan ICT Institute in 2024”:
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