Best IT Training Institute in Bangladesh

Our Overview

Dewan ICT has made a long-term commitment to achieving excellence in the business and services. In retrospect, Dewan ICT has worked hard over the last several years to become the country’s number one ICT conglomerate in the country and simultaneously prime Computer Training provider of the country. We feel we are a success in our mission so far and that also believe we have to work more to achieve more success and keep the pace of development process. We have been involved in more than a dozen large-scale projects, and successfully managed to construct sure solutions for ICT services and Computer Training. Throughout this period, we have been able to meet so many people engaged in the information systems business, while participating directly in the projects, PC manufacturing, service providing, network solution, Computer Training providing and in a nutshell we have been to provide TOTAL IT SOLUTION


  •  To empower the community by ensuring state of the art method which strengthens the belief in quality learning.
  • To raise opportunities and growth by broadening the areas and possibilities for our future leaders.
  • To connect best selected human resource for delivering standard values that supports leaders to flourish.
  •  To utilize the power of youth by serving and meeting the emerging needs both in local and global network.
  • To reduce inequalities for the best interest of the society by creating international array of excellence.


To become a premier institute recognized for its diversity, and known for its excellence in knowledge sharing.


Since its establishment in 2013, Dewan ICT has undertaken a number of projects that involved economic research, good governance, dialogue and communication, leadership development, etc. Dewan is associated with reputed local and international think tanks

Our Core Values

Passion for Continuous Improvement  – As an ever growing IT institute, we always cherish passion for continuous improvement of our quality. This passion has been enabling us to meet the ever-changing needs of the market by providing the upgraded skills.
Fostering Leadership – Through an unmatched way of skills development, we foster leadership in a wide range of fields. Our students are keeping their footprints of leadership in their career and business.
Enhancing Innovations – Innovations is not just a word to us, rather it’s what we feel thrilled with. We always keep an eye on the changes and come up with innovative ideas to meet the newer thirst of the world.
Cherishing Integrity – Integrity is what we maintain in all our day-to-day activities. It keeps us in the right direction in achieving the ultimate goal.

Our Culture

We have developed our brilliant team of designers, developers, and marketers to flourish in making the future leaders. We encourage personal projects for getting trendy arts and to continuously progress with the innovative world. We value the innovative ideas and work in a dynamic lifestyle. Thus we are passionate towards uplifting new opportunities for the country. And we always prioritize to work in a friendly environment where time off and interaction with our team helps us to be together and to learn new stuffs.

Capacity & Training Scenario

  • Total number of Trained participants till date : 30000+
  • Number of equipped computer Lab : 7
  • Number of theory classroom : 5
  • Number of Trainer : 100 (In house)

Office & Training Space

12,500 Sft with 200 students capacity per shift (Air Conditioned)

Total number of employees (350) including Trainers (100), Counselors (7), Customer Relationship Management (10), Web Developers (18), Graphic Designers (35), Apps Developers (7), Network Engineers (6), Hardware Engineers (5), Business Developers (5), HR & Admins (5), Finance & Accounts (7), Support Staffs for Security and Cleanliness (13)

* On Job training facilities for eligible participants.

IT Training for Development

  • Today, nearly every job requires a basic understanding of computers so basic knowledge of computer skills is required for everyone.
  • There are many skills that we learn along the way that helps us have an independent life and IT sector training is one of the most skillful training programs.
  • Start a successful career freelancing in the IT sector in today’s competitive world .
  • Our IT Students are successfully working in the job sector and business level after receiving training from our institute.

Office & Training Space

  • After training Skill Development ration 90%
  • Successful placement ration 70%
  • Average self-employment record 45%
  • Entrepreneurship Development 20%
  • Able to arrange 120 awareness workshop per year with 6000 participants