Certificate in Computer Aided Designing (CCAD)

Course Description


This course is for those who want to become expert in creating 3d Visuals of real life Architectural Forms like Villas, Apartments, Civic Centers, Shopping Malls, City landscapes etc. Land developers and Real estate companies have been using 3ds max as the main designing tool for over a decade. 3ds max along with V-Ray gives the user stunning 3d photography which is very much required for the multi-dimensional marketing needs of this century.

This course will tutor the pupils different techniques to elevate an AutoCAD design to a 3d Model and how to render it photo-realistically in different sunlight model. Not only that, after the completion of the course, students will be able to visualize any AutoCAD design in 3ds max platform professionally. For photorealistic renders, V-Ray will be used extensively.


  • Introduction to AutoCAD
  • Visualization Technique
  • Drawing Basic design
  • Knowing Basic elements and measures
  • Exporting to 3ds Max
  • Lines, circles, rectangles, curves
  • Box, cylinders, tubes, cones, spheres etc
  • Managing Media Element
  • Using lofts to build a bridge
  • Editing splines to build shapes
  • Understanding a Duplex House architecture
  • Creating exterior lights
  • Creativity in Furniture
  • Project


  • Fundamentals
  • AutoCAD
  • 3D Studio Max
  • V-Ray
  • Camera animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • Animation


  • An overview of AutoCAD and what it does will be delivered.
  • Knowing Basic elements and measures
  •  Understanding metric systems and its values
  •  Correcting CAD designs for elevation, understanding elevation problems.
  • Understanding shape sub-levels such as vertex, segments, splines.
  • Understanding Solids such as box, cylinders, tubes, cones, spheres etc.
  • Understanding extended geometries such Boolean, shape-merge, connects, pro-booleans, scatters, conforms, lofts etc
  • Building Basic architectural Material using V-Ray Shaders,rendering a duplex exterior using V-Ray material
  • Understanding Apartment Building,Elevating an apartment building, Modeling things required for apartment buildings
  • Modeling Doors and windows, Light surrounding house,Rendering for HDTV etc.
  • Industry interaction & workshops